World’s largest Indian village “Gahmar”, which is known as the village of the soldiers!

Situated on Bihar-Uttar Pradesh border, “Gahmar village” village is spread around eight square miles! Gamhar village in Gazipur district of Uttar Pradesh is not only counted among the largest villages in Asia, but it is also known as the village of soldiers! Nearly ten thousand soldiers of this village are currently working in different positions from the soldiers to the Colonel in the Indian Army, whereas there are more than five thousand ex-soldiers!

Gahmar Village Uttar pradesh

A member of every family of the village is working in the Indian Army!

The village, with a population of almost 80 thousand, is split into 22 strips or group, and each strip is named after some famous person!

The first or the second World War or the war of 1965 and 1971 or the war of Kargil, the soldiers here took part in all the wars! At the time of World War I, 228 people from Gahmar village were included in the army of the British, 21 were killed! In the memory of those brave soldiers, an inscription has been placed at the main entrance of the Ghammer Central Vidyalaya!

Ex-servicemen of Ghummar have formed an organization called Ex-Servicemen Service Committee! Its coordinator Shivanand Singh says, “There are about three thousand members of this institution which was set up ten years ago and every Sunday the meeting of the committee took place, in which various matters and various problems are discussed!

The youth of the village will be seen preparing to join the army in the mathia chowk, situated on the Ganges coast, at some distance from the village! The Sivananda Singh says, “Because of the tradition of going to the army of the youth here, the army used to recruit camps in Ghammer! But in 1986 this tradition was stopped”

Though, Gahmar is a village, but all the city’s facilities are present here! The telephone exchange in the village, two college degrees, two inter-college, two high schooling, two middle schooling, five primary schooling, health centers, etc.!



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