WhatsApp Business the new alternative to make money through the application

Users of WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging application that was bought by Facebook in 2014, are extremely surprised after it became known that they could very soon make money using the app.

Whatsapp Gif image

WhatsApp is working on WhatsApp Business, a new application Whatsapp Business will allow users to promote their products through application and earn money.

According to the publication, people who choose to use WhatsApp Business will have a double interface, the first one is to chat with their contacts and the second to issue the ads to the target audience of the company.

However, not everyone can use WhatsApp Business, as it will be a new app aimed at entrepreneurs, who must register and possibly pay a certain amount of money to WhatsApp.

It is worth noting that traditional WhatsApp users will be able to decide whether they want to receive advertising in the app or if they want to continue using the app without any advertisement. What do you think?


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