What is the secret of this dark bag of Rahul Gandhi?

Elections are in the grip of this time and in view of the elections, Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi is also very loudly campaigning in the election campaign. Though the most notable thing that is being reported to Rahul in this election campaign is his bag. Generally, politicians are not seen picking their own luggage in the midst of SPG security, That’s why Rahul’s bag pack remains a matter of discussion on social media.

When Rahul reached the airport for the third phase of the Congress’s Navsrijan Yatra in Gujarat, he kept the bag hanging on the shoulder. After this, we saw this bag with him wherever he went. In such a situation, some people are praising his simplicity on the social media, while some people are also telling it as a drama.

However, there are some users who want to know what Rahul Gandhi is carrying in the bag. According to information from sources, Rahul keeps some clothes and everyday things in his bag. It also includes essential goods like mobile chargers.

During campaigning, Rahul Gandhi wants to show himself connected with the people. Whether it is taking a selfie with a student named Mantsha in Bharuch or by taking a meal in a normal hotel. These are all such things that can give the message to the people of Gujarat that  He is between them and keep people connected.

Rahul’s bag Politics is being seen by connecting it with the big leaders of the world, who also behave with ease in the public. When Obama was president, his photographs of shopping went viral on the day he went to a mall, while photographs of Britain’s PM David Cameron traveling in the London Metro in the past were very viral on social media. Prime Minister Modi has also traveled several times in the Delhi metro.

The BJP continues to target Rahul Gandhi as the family of the royal family. Probably the effect of that Rahul Gandhi is now going out of the public by removing this tag and is busy trying to show himself connected with them. But how successful is this effort, after the results of the elections will be clear.


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