What if the phones could repair broken screens by themselves?

According to this new patent, Motorola is working precisely on that, in a terminal that uses heat to repair split screens.

The broken screen of a mobile phone

Motorola has patented the dream of all people: a mobile phone whose screen is repaired after being scratched or broken. Although it does not do it automatically, as the user has to activate the heat process for the repair, the mere idea is very attractive.

According to the patent, Motorola intends to introduce a polymer material that remembers its initial shape thanks to the heat after being deformed and manipulated. Applied to the LDC and LED displays with a touch sensor below, this would allow recovering the outer screen after breaking.

The details about this technology are not completely clear and it seems that the heat needed for the repair could come from the phone itself, which would have an app to activate the process; Or that it would be necessary to connect it to the current or to a special accessory to carry it out.

The problem with all this is that the polymer that would cover these screens is not the hard glass that is normally used in today’s phones and that resists cuts very well and has a very specific touch. Changing it to something different could lead to user rejection, should it appear to be of lesser quality or have a less attractive design.

The possibilities of this technology, if applicable, would be very interesting for the children’s phones that some manufacturers launch to the market, as well as for that more resistant thought for harsh climatic conditions or for extreme sports.


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