A Train In Japan Runned For Just ONE Girl!! Reason Is Heartwarming!!

The Indian Railway minister and his department are impressing everyone with their quick response in helping the passengers after they tweeted about their problems but this one incident from Japan was something we just can’t even wish for, at least not in the present scenario.

japan 1

In Japan’s north island of Hokkaido, there was a railway station by the name of Kami-Shirataki. The officials of Japan Railways wanted to close this station as the number of passengers was very less due to its isolated location and the freight services have also ended.They were in the process of closing down the station but then they noticed something after which they reversed their decision. They saw that a young girl goes to school from that station daily, so they decided to keep the station in working mode till the girl graduates.

japan 2

This incident was more than enough to make us understand the level of commitment of Japan towards its citizens and it’s quite amazing to see that how much importance they give to education of their citizens. Daily two trains stopped at the station, one by which the girl went to school and second by which she returned. In fact, it is said that the timings of the train had been adjusted with the timings of the girl’s school.

The station was said to be closed after March 26, 2016, as on this day the girl graduated.


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