These 13 notions of our society make me sick

  1. Pursue Engineering (or Medical)! There is a lot of scope in that field. A career in a field other than science is not even a career.
  2. Elders are always right. No, they can be factually wrong about a topic they do not have much idea about.
  3. Also, teachers can never be wrong. Here is a counter proof of this notion: When was the first time you realized that a teacher cannot always be right? (Brilliant answers proving the point)
  4. Sex is bad. Talking about it is bad. Anybody who does it before marriage is bad. Having sexual desires is bad. Masturbating is bad. Very,very bad !
  5. Topics like sex,  safe sex, condom, masturbation, contraceptive pills, etc. are filthy topics. Hence, they must not be discussed with anyone.
  6. If you don’t make it to the IITs, IIMs or AIIMS, you’re life is useless.
  7. You are not going to play with that boy. He is from a lower caste.
  8. “Beti to paraya dhan hoti hai” Translation: Daughter’s are meant to be somebody else’s fortune.
  9. Social practices like dowry, gender and caste discrimination.
  10. For girls: Your self worth is based on how well you cook and take care of home.
  11. Dating is wrong. But getting married based on them choosing an absolute stranger for you is so normal and is ‘right’.
  12. Marriage should be the ultimate goal in the life. Once a girl or boy completes the bachelor’s study, all hell will break loose. Family and relatives will chase you like a ghost to find a match for you.
  13. A child must fulfill the dream of the parents and should not give much importance to his personal dream.
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All the stories and Accounts that i have blogged about are real life events which I have came across till now.


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