The world’s largest Hindu Temple, Angkor Wat Temple

Hinduism is considered to be the oldest religion in the world, in this religion the temples are of great importance. Temples are considered to be God’s house and people go to temples and worship their adorable God.

About the Angkor Wat Temple, located in Cambodia, a Chinese traveler in the 13th century said that this temple was built only by the hand of some supernatural power in the same night. All these are folk tales related to this palace temple, in fact the history of this temple is very closely related to both the Buddhist and Hindu religions.

The  Angkor Wat Temple of Cambodia dedicated to Lord  Vishnu , the largest pilgrimage place of its time, especially in South East Asia  , which used to travel not only from India but also the pilgrims of all the countries falling in this region, It was invisible in the flow that people forgot his name. Angkor Wat Temple is the largest temple in the world.

Angkor Wat Temple
Angkor wat. Near Siem Riep. Cambodia

The most important thing about this temple is that it is also the world’s largest Vishnu temple. Its walls say stories related to elaborate and holy scriptures such as Ramayana and Mahabharata

This temple, identified as World Heritage, was built in the 12th century by the Hindu ruler Suryavarman II, associated with the Khmer descent. But by the 14th century, the rule of people associated with Buddhism was established here and the temple was given a Buddhist form.

Angkor Wat Temple

For more information, see this video, you can easily understand the mystery of Angkor Wat Temple, it is worth seeing the greatness and beauty of this temple.

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