The village giving about 50 IAS / IPS to the country is lacking basic facilities

In this village of 75 families, almost every house has IAS / IPS

Friends! India is famous for its characteristics only from the very beginning, because of the spiritual knowledge, secularism, costumes, dialects, as well as historical and unique and unheard-of features, India is the most different in all the countries of the world. Its unique features add a new history to Madhopatti village in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh, in which the village houses only 75, and this small village has so far given the country not 1-2 but 50 IAS / IPS. Yes, whether you believe it or not, but this is absolutely true. Curiosity in the mind started to grow, to know more  about this village, what is the matter of delay, let us introduce you all to Madhopatti.

Known as the village of officers in whole of Jaunpur district, It is said for the Madhopatti village,  that it is such a village where IAS / IPS officers are born. Madhopatti village, U.P. is situated about 240 km from the capital of Lucknow andabout 60 km away from varanasi in the Sarkoni Vikas block of Jaunpur district.

Due to the way IAS and IPS are being selected from this village, this village is a perfect and inspiring source for the entire villages of Jaunpur District.

Know when IAS / IPS Selection started

It is said that the obsession of becoming the officer was already in the youth of the village, Mustafa Hussein was the first young man to be selected in PCS in the year 1914. And he became the inspiration for the youth of the Madhopatti in the British era. This villagers has served in IAS and IPS in addition to PCS, Bhabha Institute, ISRO, Manila and World Bank.

Indu Prakash became the first IAS of the village:

After the independence, the competition to participate in competitive examinations in this village was holding tremendous thrust and in 1952, Indu Prakash Singh was first selected as the IAS, In the examination, India got 13th rank. Since then, the motivation to go to other government services, including IAS, IPS, became awakened in the people of the village. Indu has served as an Indian Ambassador in many countries including France.

Four brothers of the same family became IAS:

After Indu Prakash, in 1955 his brother Vinay Kumar was also became IAS and he retired as Chief Secretary of Bihar and after him his brother Chhatrapal Singh and Ajay Singh were became IAS in 1964. The son of Indu Prakash Singh and daughter-in-law Amitabh Singh and Sarita Singh became the IAS in the 1984 batch.

But after becoming an officer, none of these turned back to this village, even after asking the elderly people, they also say that we do not remember the last time they came to the village.

Madhopatti, who gave many unsurpassed diamonds to the nation like Prakash Singh, Sonal Singh, Devnath Singh, Shashikant Singh in 1968, Asha Singh in 1980, Usha Singh in 1982, Kunwar Chandramouli and his wife Indu Singh, in 1983, Shashikant Singh’s son yashaswi singh became IAS in 2002 and Garima Singh became IPS in 1968.

Similarly, Madhupati’s Neeraj Singh, Vikas Singh, Sanjeev Singh, Anand Singh, Vishal Singh, Ved Prakash Singh, Ashok Kumar Prajapati, Ritu Singh, Parul Singh and her husband Praveen Singh.

Prakash Singh, Rajiv Singh, Ramamurthy Singh, Mahendra Pratap Singh , Jai Singh, Premchandra Singh, Shivani Singh etc. were selected from time to time in PCS. Ambedkar Singh of Madhopati is offering services in World Bank Manila and Dr. Niru Singh is a scientist at Lalendra Pratap Singh Bhabha Institute and Gyanu Mishra is working in ISRO.





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