The most sinister things children have told their parents

The child predicts his own death, while another claims that he has two more mothers

We are accustomed to seeing children as small, innocent and clean people who make us happy. Films like “Orphan”, “Shyness” and “Precious Death”, however, are distinguished by terrifying speculation, the basis of which are fearsome children.

In these films, although they are artistic fiction, there is still some realism, and it is proved by writer Mickey Kendall, who urged parents in the Twitter to share the most horrible stories with their children if they have any.

“People, who communicate with children, what is the strangest / most sinister thing that a child ever told you?” Writes Kendall on his twitter account. The post quickly collected 18,000 likes and over 10,000 shares.

The strange stories start rolling one after another. One mother writes, “My daughter was 5 years old when she said,” You are the best mother I’ve ever had. ” I said, “I’m the only mother you’ve had,” she looked at me and said, “No, you’re the third one, but I like you the most.”

Another revelation is shared by a man whose brother led them to the house he had “lived before” when he was 5 years old. “Years earlier, my younger brother told us about his grandparents and the blue house they lived in. I always told him he was thinking, but he told my mom that he could take her there. We got into the car and started off.

“The little psychopath gave my mother directions exactly where to turn for 45 minutes. After all, having passed 4-5 cities, we have arrived in a dead end with an abandoned blue house. ”

A young man reveals an even more terrible story shared by his mother. “My mother told me about a cousin who died as a child. The boy and his family went to a farm far from the city where they lived (Bogota, Colombia), and on the way the child asked her father, “How will you feel if I die?” And such things.

“When they got to the farm, their parents bought him a toy or something to deal with and he said,” wait for me to play because tomorrow I can not. ”

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All the stories and Accounts that i have blogged about are real life events which I have came across till now.


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