The life and business lesson you learn after sleeping with a supermodel

Entrepreneur John Brubaker learned how to run a business after meeting a model in a bar.

Imagine that you walk into a bar and see an overly attractive girl, sitting alone, and by accident, you realize she has no company. So you decide to chat with her, to take something, to discover that she is a model and the conversation is going so well that you end up quoting in the future and sharing part of your lives. Not only that but also, in their first meeting, has recognized that men hardly approach her and rarely goes out to dinner with any because it intimidates them. That is exactly what happened in the early 1990s to John Brubaker, author of Seeds of Success, a book on the keys to business success.

From an obviously masculine perspective, Brubaker elevates the story of his encounter with the Sophie (figurative name) to the category of moral history for both sexes in an article published in Business Insider. He accidentally fell into the seat next to the young model when asked if he was busy, but this led him to conquer a beautiful and intelligent person who had studied at an Ivy League university and who was about to give the Great leap in the world of the catwalk.

Less competition, more profit

The lesson is clear: if he had never tried to call her, he would never have conquered her, and neither would have been happier. This has a clear application to the world of business, but also to work or, ultimately, many other aspects of our life. Almost no one tries to aim high, for fear of being rejected. But the reality is that it is precisely in the heights where there is much less competition. This is what he himself found when he started working on the radio. Although most of his colleagues told him it was useless, he looked for the most important clients and tried to hire the big celebrities. And he got them.

“The mistake of many entrepreneurs is not to start at the top when they try to sell an idea,” says the author. On the contrary, we prefer to mix with the lower controls, which actually, “do not have the ability to say yes but yes to say no.” As if it were the slogan of Adidas, Brubaker remembers that there is nothing impossible in the world of the businesses, only that we think that it is so. Therefore, the advice is this: we should not be the ones who put limits, since there will be time for others to take the opposite or end our dreams. Just as he did not think “I would never go out with someone like me”, we should not say “I will never be hired in a company like this”, “I would not want to work with us” or “I will never be interested in what I am seeing.”

“The worst thing you can call when you’re an entrepreneur is shy,” Brubaker concludes in the article. Getting out with a model, remember, is the same as winning an election , getting a powerful client or selling an idea. That is, it is about taking the most complicated step and asking for whom we are interested, which is “how you get what you want”. This can open the door to the hypothetical and sometimes such terrifying failure. They are the things of life that can happen to us all. It’s okay to fail, but not to try, explains Brubaker. “Remember,” he concludes. “If you go after something and you do not get it, you may have closed one door but you have opened another one.”




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