The house that belonged to Pablo Escobar is now a luxury hotel in Mexico; And that’s how it looks now

pablo-escobarThe fortune that accumulated BY the drug lord, Pablo Escobar, is incalculable; his Real estate property was seized and many of them have recovered over time, some with the memory of the stories of one of the most famous Colombians of the twentieth century, others with a 180 ° turn.

An example of this is Casa Malca, located near Tulum in Mexico, in the Caribbean, is a beautiful and huge property owned by Escobar, until it was acquired by Lio Malca, an art collector living in New York, And began to restore it in 2012.


For almost 20 years the property remained abandoned, after Escobar’s death, and from 2012 Lio transformed it into a hotel, which has several works of art from his personal collection, and is decorated in a rustic style combined with Modern touches.

At first, it had only eight rooms, but now offers 42 suites and ample spaces for events such as weddings, meetings, conventions, etc.


The rooms have king size beds and spacious bathrooms. The cost per night is $ 515 for a junior suite and $ 840 for a master suite.

habi2-730x548 habi1-730x548

The surroundings, besides the beach, of course, are composed of a beautiful and lush tropical forest, which will give you all the tranquility you need. The interior is decorated with various works of art.

entra arte-730x410

Philosophy is the name of the hotel’s main restaurant, which offers Mexican food with a mix of European touches, prepared by a chef from Catalonia, Spain, and the Italian manager. In addition, it has two bars in which you will have a good time.

cocina-730x548 bar-730x548

And if that were not enough, there are two pools: one outside and one on roof, although both are connected by a ladder and you can go from one to another without a problem.


An excellent work done by this collector.



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