The father of the BJP leader, who described the cancer as the ‘sin’, died from cancer

Deadly diseases like cancer are the result of sins committed at the hands of a person. Hinduism accepts the principle of karma. The sins of past lives are found in the next life. Human beings suffer only because of them
– Himanta Biswa Sarma, Health Minister, Assam

Himanta Biswa SarmaThe father of Himanta Biswa Sarma, Kailash Nath Sharma was a well-known writer of Assam. He died in October 2010. If he was alive today, then perhaps he would be disappointed with Himanta. Because Kailash Nath Sharma had cancer. Five years he has been fighting cancer. The cure was done But finally, the cancer won.  We got this information from social media. Found a 2010 post on Facebook There is news of the passing of Himanta’s father. People have also paid homage. Even then, Himanta was the health minister.

Himanta Biswa Sharma Father died from Cancer

In a program in Guwahati, Hemant Biswas Sarma said, “It is not necessary that we make a mistake, sometimes parents make mistakes, which have to be punished.” Hemant Biswas Sarma has come to the target of all by giving such a strange poor statement on a dangerous disease like cancer.



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