The Dog Suicide Mystery … A Bridge Where Dogs Commit Suicide

The Dog Suicide Mystery ... A Bridge Where Dogs Commit Suicide

The Dog Suicide Mystery ... A Bridge Where Dogs Commit Suicide

During the last 5 years more than 50 pets have hopped to their fatalities from Overtoun Link, near Dumbarton, in Scotland. An amazing figure, but one made better by the details, which gives this story substance: all of the fatalities happened at the same identify, on the right-hand side of the bridge; the pets were all long barrel breeds: Collie, Labrador retriever, Greyhound; their fatalities all took place on obvious days.

The regularity and mysterious characteristics of the fatalities has resulted in this picturesque place, to be known as the “Dog’s Destruction Link.” Over 6 several weeks in 2005, 5 pets hopped to their fatalities. One surviving proprietor, D Cooper was out strolling with her family when her dog, Ben hopped over the parapet and dropped 50 legs onto the stones below.

Such disasters led to statements the link was haunted by an wicked soul. In 1994, thirty-two-year-old Kevin Moy used his child off the link after declaring he was the Anti-Christ, and his son was The devil. Soon after he tried to end his own lifestyle with an failed choosing suicide effort from the same link. Moy was remanded to Carstairs Condition Medical center, a maximum-security psychological service.

This being Scotland, there has also been a report that the link is located in, what we Celts contact, a “thin place” – a session of two planets. Cue spray, howl of hair, and rough presented old Scotsman saying, “Ye dinnae want tae go doun yon street, naw.” Indeed, B-movies have been created with flimsier plots.

In the past couple of decades, a more chronic but similarly unlikely concept has appeared, which recommended pets were destruction. But as major Creature Behaviorist, Dr Bob Beaches, who examined the tale has indicated out, “it doesn’t seem possible for a dog to premeditate its own death”.


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