The Congress, overwhelmed by the mindset of class differences, has insulted Prime Minister Modi

insulted Prime Minister Modi

insulted Prime Minister ModiPolitical activism is on the rise in Gujarat assembly elections. As the election date is getting closer. Stories of rhetoric and accusations have started in the leaders. There is a ruckus over a tweet of Youth Congress at this time.

Youth Congress Magazine Yuva Desh has ridiculed Prime Minister Narendra Modi on social media Twitter. A picture has been posted on the Twitter handle of the ‘Yuva Desh’, with Prime Minister Modi being seen as US president Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Theresa. In the picture, how PM Modi is tensed about selling tea. However, the tweets were lifted after the protests grew.

The BJP has attacked the Congress on this tweet and has demanded a reply from Rahul Gandhi. Gujarat Chief Minister Vijay Rupani, expressing resentment, expressed the tweet as a poor opponent. Vijay Rupani has written in his tweets, “The anti-poor and anti-apartheid tweets by Youth Congress show their mentality towards the poor of India. Does Crown Prince Rahul Gandhi support it?

At the same time, Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad asked, “Madam Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi do you believe that you have the divine right to rule India?

After the controversy grew, the Congress has given its clearance on this matter. Congress leader Randeep Surjewala said, “Our party rejects the joke of this manner. He said that differences in policies and ideas are different, but the culture of Congress is to honor the Prime Minister and all political opponents.


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