The 10 best villains of the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Within the Marvel universe, not only superheroes are important but also villains, because without them the first ones would not have an adventure and, in essence, no reason to exist.

In comics, series and movies we have met a variety of perverse characters that threaten to destroy the world, using their powers, technology, spells … in short, everything they can get their hands on in order to carry out their evil plans.

Here we present 10 of the most terrible villains that Marvel has shaken us with.

1. Magneto – X-Men

Magneto - X-Men

He is not the typical villain who only wants to do evil, but Magneto aspires to have a place in the world after humans try to alienate the mutants. What he does is a fight for justice, albeit with somewhat radical methods that Professor Xavier and his X-Men team do not like.

It could well be a justice of the cause of the mutants, and that makes it more fearsome because it convinces many that their methods (extinguish humans) are the solution to the problems …

 2. Loki – Thor, The Avengers

Loki - Thor, The Avengers

It is the cause of many of the misfortunes for his brother, Thor, and for the rest of The Avengers, it is he who opened the portal for one of the greatest threats that the planet has known: Thanos.

A villain who is crazy enough and also has enough powers to put anyone in a serious predicament.

3. Thanos – The Avengers: Infinite War

We have not seen the movie yet, but from what we know of this character and the trailers that have already been released, we can consider it a serious threat. What’s more, we could say that it is the most fearsome rival that the superhero team has faced …

Worst of all is his serene appearance and even smiling because we know that inside is willing to everything in order to destroy the Earth and the planets that cross their path.

4. Erik Killmonger – Black Panther

This movie has been breaking all records, and it is because of its history and the strength of its characters and, in this case, besides being a being in search of revenge, it is also quite charismatic, so it is not one of those villains that everyone hates, but several will feel reflected.

5. Bolivar Trask – XMen: Days of the future past

A huge scientist inside a small body. He is the creator of the sentinels, fierce machines programmed to exterminate the mutants, who have caused the X-Men severe headaches.

6. Dr Otto Octavius – Spider-Man 2

He is the mentor of who became his greatest rival: Peter Parker. Another case of a privileged mind, which in the end is dominated by its own creation, which leads it to want to dominate the world through seizing an unlimited source of energy.

A strong character with a good dose of madness, which makes a great villain.

7. Kilgrave – Jessica Jones

This character belongs to the Marvel universe we see on Netflix, in the Jessica Jones series, where she has the ability to dominate people at will, which makes her an extremely dangerous being, although her purpose is romantic: she wants Jessica to love, without having to intervene in his will, so he thinks that everything else is allowed in order to achieve his end.

8. Ultron – The Avengers: The Age of Ultron

Artificial intelligence has been said many times, will end up dominating the world and this villain is a sample of it, so it is highly dangerous: it can eliminate the entire human species without feeling any remorse …

9. Red Skull – Captain America

He is the founder of Hydra, the terrorist organization that threatens to torment humanity and against which Captain America has to fight. He is intelligent, strong and ruthless, and if that were not enough, he has the appearance of being an evil guy.

10. Dr. Doom – The Fantastic 4

This is one of the emblematic villains of Marvel, however, in the movies we have seen has not been so lucky, although it has been mentioned that he could have a solo movie, which would make him the first villain to have it.

This is the character (on the side of evil) favorite of the great Stan Lee.


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