Surgical Strike: Indian Army destroyed 10 China supported Terrorist camps on the Myanmar border

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In response to the terrorist attack in Pulwama, after entering the Balakot of Pakistan, India is now busy cleaning the other borders. In the same episode, the Indian Army destroyed 10 camps related to a terrorist group on the Myanmar border in an operation run in collaboration with the Myanmar army.

Indian Army’s Operation Sunrise

Operation Sunrise was a major campaign, in which Arakan Army an extremist organization of the Kachin Independent Army supported by China was targeted. The sources said that the camps were destroyed inside Myanmar, and this intensive drive was completed in 10 days. The army provided the hardware and equipment for the campaign to Myanmar, while it deployed a large number of forces on the border. This campaign was followed after receiving information that the militants were planning a terror attack on the vast infrastructure project linking Kolkata through the sea route to Myanmar’s Sittwe. This project is going to provide a separate route from Kolkata to Mizoram via Sittwe. This project is going to be completed by 2020.



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