Space Race: China’s rocket failure, now India has a chance to overtake

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Indian scientists have a big chance to overtake China in space race, China’s ambitious Long March 5 rocket project has failed. This rocket was being built to bring the samples from the Moon, but after its failure, India now has a golden chance to move forward in the space race from China, if India goes ahead in this race, Then India can improve his ranking in the Space Race.

China’s attitude is very slow experts believe that the reason for the success of China’s mission in this era of modern technology is unclear, it is now clear that China’s space program is also risky. Joan Johnson, a Chinese space program expert at the US Naval War College, says that China’s stance is slow and sluggish. China knew about this failure that one day this mission will fail.

On the other side, China says that the long March 5 Y2 flew on Sunday, it was the second launch of this rocket, but there was some flaw in the flight. Initially, this flight was successful in the Wenchang Space Launch Center, but later it failed. We are trying to figure out why it has failed for some reasons.

China’s Long March campaign has been very successful since the year 1970, this mission has achieved a total of 95 per cent success. Through this mission, China started its Crystal Spice Mission for the first time in 2003, after which China was the third country in the world to do so. Earlier it was only America and Russia could do the same. Through this mission, China had launched Yutu on the moon. China is confident that it can start the human-going landing program in the coming days.

In this way, the way China’s Space Campaign is shocked, China’s biggest competitor India has the chance to overtake it in this space race. Johnson says that India has an atmosphere in favor, India is constantly improving its technology in the space mission. India had already achieved major success by sending a Mangalyaan on Mars. India had set a record by sending 104 Nano satellites together with the same rocket. In such a way, the failure of the long March 5 of China is an opportunity for India to overtake in the space race.


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