Sonia Gandhi’s concurrence follows every decision of this person, famously known as “Ahmed Bhai”

ahmad patel

In Gujarat two hundred years ago, when Islamist invaders propagated their religion with the sword and the Koran, many Koli Patel of Bharuch district accepted Islam. But he still writes Patel in their name.

We are talking about Ahmed Patel, the leader of the Congress Party, who has a birthday today. This is the same Ahmed Patel, who recently helped to remove the disappointment spread in the Congress party by winning his victory in Gujarat’s Rajya Sabha elections. To understand Ahmad Patel, we have to turn to the 70s … This was the time when Ahmed was making his mark in the streets of Gujarat … in that period Ahmed Patel was known as “Babu Bhai” and from 1977 to 1982, he took over the charge of Gujarat Youth Congress. In the same period, he was also director of Bharuch Cooperative Bank.

At the same time, his proximity grew from Feroz Gandhi, because Feroz’s relationship was old from Ahmed Patel’s hometown Bharuch. Many relatives of Feroz are still living in Bharuch. From this Bharuch Ahmed Patel was elected three times the Lok Sabha Parliament. In 1984, Ahmed Patel played a major role in the Congress and he was also made a “joint secretary”, but the party had appointed him directly as the parliamentary secretary of Rajiv Gandhi during that time.

People say that Ahmed Patel’s status is so big that without his green signal, no decision was made in the Congress … The power of “Ahmed Bhai” in the Congress can be judged from the fact that the party’s any small or big leader or worker has to get permission from Ahmed Patel directly, to meet Sonia Gandhi.

After this, Patel was sent to Gujarat in 1986 to increase the Congress’s base in Gujarat. The closest people of Ahmed Patel say that … he has a special thing that he does not forget those people who have helped him reach this point of success.

Probably, very few people know that Ahmed Patel’s life was also spent in playing cricket in Pariman of Gujarat. At that time, He managed to maintain the command of Pariman’s cricket team.

Another Indian wishes you for your successful future. Congratulations on your birthday.


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