Reasons why should the 75% attendance rule be abolished in Undergraduate Institutions


A student’s life has always been a life of pressure. The primary of which is the pressure of attendance. It breaks down a student inside out, it is a continuous  pressure that neither lets a student sleep nor lets him focus on other important things. 75% Attendance Rule is a Life Imprisonment to Innocent Undergraduate Students.


Here are a few reasons as to why the 75% attendance rule be abolished in Undergraduate Institutions
1) If 18+ students have the right to choose the government, and are sensible enough to be tried in court as an adult, then they are smart enough decide the matters of their study.
2) The explosion of information on internet have provided better options to students for study.
3) The Educational Institutions torture students by leveraging rule of 75% Attendance.
4) Because we have 8 hours of class per day, from morning to evening, throughout the year, there is no time to work on New Ideas.
Generating New ideas, and working on them, takes a lot of courage and TIME,
but these colleges treat the innovative students as criminals, make fun of them, violate human rights, just by using this 75% attendance rule.
5) We (students) are also human beings, who have got limited time, no one should have right to waste the precious years of their lives.

6) We lose not because we don’t work hard
    We lose because we are robbed of
    Precious time of our life.
7) Lot of College students commit suicide every year, their lives could have been saved if they had enough time to solve their problems.
8) We are common students, we don’t study in Harvard or MIT, we don’t have such good facilities.
Please don’t take our time away.
Please save the lives of innocent students.
Please let them choose their life.
Give us our time back.
We have Ideas , we want to turn them to Reality.



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