PM Modi – Get out of the misunderstanding and accept the truth

pm modi speaking to people of kashi

In the midst of the ongoing war against Corona, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the people of Kashi through video conferencing. The PM urged people to come out of misunderstanding and understand the truth. This disease does not discriminate against anyone. This virus also catches rich people or exercisers. It is important to understand how terrible the disease is.

pm modi speaking to people of kashi

PM said that it is the nature of human beings to accept whatever is favorable to us immediately. In such a situation, the important things that are authentic are not noticed by some people. This is not good for the current situation.

Coronavirus Helpdesk Number India

The PM said that for the correct and accurate information related to Corona, the government has also created a helpdesk in association with WhatsApp. If you have the facility of WhatsApp, then you will send ‘Namaste’ to this number 9013151515, then you will start getting appropriate answers.


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