6 Reasons why people are giving more importance to Best Friend, than Lovers?

Individuals like to get best friend zoned more than being committed and it is happening universally, especially in women.

best friends


There are several reasons behind giving more importance to best friends than lovers!

1 – Comfort zone

Comfort zone between couple

A comfort zone is greater between best friends as compared to lovers. Because they share everything with each other without any fear, on the contrary, one fears to share some happening with their lover, as they think that it may affect their relationship

2 – Privacy!

Jealous wife, overhearing a phone conversation her husband

Relationship of best friends is hardly noticed by people, and that’s why girl mostly prefers to make best friends, as women are privacy lover. They do not admire to expose her relationship with others, because if more individual will get to know, more the people would interfere!

3 – understanding!


Fights between lovers may lead to breakup but it is not the same in the case of best friends, they may get annoyed for some time but they never end their relationship, rather they would discuss and make everything clear because they have a better understanding. Gf/bf may patch up after some time, but they will never forget this fight and it affects their relation again and again

4 – Imposing things!


Best friends never enforce anything to one another, they always suggest. Whereas, boyfriends/girlfriends mostly impose everything! And it’s a unanimous fact that  enforcement is never liked by anyone!

5 – Limits!


There are some limitations in the relation of best friends, so they feel more secure talking to each other ,while, in the relation of  they are not bound to any limits. And it is being rightly said that everything which has some limits is good for one!!

6 – Better option!


One always looks for the better option, but it can not happen if one is committed to someone!

Apart from these reasons of making best friends rather than getting into relation :

The universal fact is that – if best friends get married to each other, then the chances of divorce decreases by more than 70 %. So if your best friend is your life partner than you are the best couple !!!


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