Pakistan didn’t kill my father, war did: Kargil martyr’s daughter.

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A message of peace by the daughter of a Kargil martyr has gone viral over the past three days. The video by Gurmehar Kaur calls for an end to state sponsored terrorism, spying and hatred. It also questions leaders of both the countries and urges governments of both to give up pretence and solve the problem.

Gurmehar lost her father Captain Mandeep Sing in the 1999 Kargil War at the age of 2. Her video, posted by Voice of Ram, is the story of her personal struggle with hate and her realisation that Pakistan didn’t kill her father; war did.

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She tells the story through 30 placards, without saying a word. One of her placards read, “I also remember how much I used to hate Pakistan and Pakistanis because they killed my dad.” In the video, she says she used to hate Muslims. “When I was six, I tried to stab a lady in a burqa because for some strange reason I thought she was responsible for my father’s death,” she said through placards.

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“My mother held me back and made me understand that Pakistan did not kill my dad, war killed him. It took me awhile to know but today I have learnt to let go of my hate. It was not easy but it’s not difficult. If I can do it so can you,” her message reads. “Today, I am a soldier just like my dad but I fight for peace between India and Pakistan.”

She has demanded that the two countries should talk, and that there’s “state-sponsored terrorism, enough state sponsored spies, state sponsored hatred” and that enough people have died on both sides of the border. After being uploaded on Facebook on April 23, it has more than 7.66 lakh views and over 21,000 shares so far.


What “Pakistan did not kill my father, War did.” Means

The statement, “Pakistan did not kill my father, War did.” Has two parts. “Pakistan did not kill my father” and “War did.” Gurmehar said, “Pakistan did not kill my father” which means that the entire country, Pakistan, did not plan and kill her father. The second part of her statement, “War did” clarifies that the Kargil war, which took the lives of both Indian as well as Pakistani soldiers was responsible for the death of her Army Captain father. This sentence in its essence means that the entire country which majorly constitutes of innocent civilians who earn a living just like us, cannot be held responsible for the war anymore than India, the entire country can be held responsible for the death of Pakistani soldiers.

Was She Right In Saying What She Said ?

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