Our leaders should learn to keep ‘personal touch’ with the Public from Shri Krishna and Shri Ram

The Raas in the middle of Madhuban with the gopis is an important part of the life of Lord Krishna. Without Raasleela, Shri Krishna is incomplete. Raas is a special type of dance, in which there is a hero who walks with a number of heroines and performs dance. Shri Krishna had a great privilege in Raas. It is said that, Shri Krishna used to dance with the gopis who were dancing in a circle, so fast that every Gopi felt that Krishna was only dancing with them and not going to any other Gopi. . While in reality, the movement of Shri Krishna was so intense that every Gopi felt that Kanhaiya was only dancing with him.

Krishna Raasleela

Similarly, there is a similar incident in Ramayana when Lord Ram accepts greetings of many people in just a moment. After Lanka’s victory, when Shri Ram returned to Ayodhya Nagar, thousands of people stood in reception with the humble eyes. Here Lord Rama created such a leela, that he personally met with every city dweller. Shri Ram accepts the greeting of each townman one by one, but his speed in reality is so fast that he did not take too long in this work. And every town-man seems happy and satisfied with the fact that, Ram met him privately with personal affection.

Ram returned to Ayodhya

The point of saying is that ‘personal touch’ always brings you closer to your relationship. But in the democratic governance system in India, this ‘personal touch’ is missing between the government and the public. For 67 years these are the conditions that the general public do not feel connected to the government themselves. In the last general election, when Narendra Modi addressed hundreds of rallies in the country along with social media as well as in the general election, people felt connected with him and the result was in front of everyone. What is needed is that even after sitting in power, the ruler maintains an engagement with the people. The voice of the public should not be suppressed in the crusade of power. But democratic rights have been such that after getting power, the public is put on marginalization and after five years it gets better.

However, the Modi government has done a good job of connecting with the common people by starting the http://mygov.nic.in/ portal, but for the country of 1.3 billion people, this effort is still small and it needs to be given a larger size..Such efforts must be started at the level of states. The Prime Minister and the Chief Minister’s Office should be so strong at the level of technology that information about the moment is happening in every village of every district of the country. Now it is happening that the district administration too depends on the media for information, PM and CM are very distant. Through technology, the Central and State Governments can establish such a personal touch with the general public. Apart from this, finding repeated reasons for personally going out of the capital’s borders and connecting with the public also connects the ruler with the public. But, ‘I have a deep relationship with this place and I was very happy to come here’, such as Ratta-Ratye, traditional speech will not work. Now is the time to do something new

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