“Our army is fully prepared”, says General Raheel Sharif. Pakistanis never learn.

This statement by General Raheel Sharif clearly shows the strength Pakistan believes it to be. But this strength is never shown against the terrorists that have taken shelter in Pakistan. They have always protected the terrorists and have even supported them.

One move India makes and whole of Pakistan is moved from the roots and then they say our army is fully prepared. How many times the Indian Army have to show them their real place. How many times do we have to break them down. The Indian Army has the power to shatter the whole Pakistan’s Army into pieces. Still they have the audacity to say statements like “Armed forces of Pakistan are fully prepared to respond to entire spectrum of direct and indirect threat”, said Sharif ,”Pakistan’s Armed Forces, together with our resilient nation, have surmounted every challenge and will thwart any sinister design against integrity and sovereignty of Pakistan in future as well,” he added.
Now what can we comment on that, just one thing to say ‘They never learn’.


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