It’s not the End but the new beginning of ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’

Is it the end of the Kapil Sharma show?

Is it the end of the Kapil Sharma show?

Moreover, it’s ahead of time to predict, as it’s not known what sort of TRP ratings would be, following the exit of Sunil Grover!

But, I have to admit here, that I’m a fan of Sunil and I regularly watch particular episodes, only to see Dr.Mashoor Gulati and Rinku Bhabhi and enjoy their exclusive accents!

Certainly that Kapil has done a blunder, but he was in an drunk state (as per the reports) then and apologized many times afterwards. He kept on stating that they often get into changes, but in a healthy and balanced way. Nevertheless, this time almost everything went uncontrolled and I don’t know who’s to be held responsible for this, the media, which tends to make even a little matter a massive one or Kapil’s rivals, who were waiting around for such situations to happen?

Yes, I think it’s nearly final that Sunil Grover is likely to get away from the show. All attempts by Kapil, Sidhu and even the channel, to bring him back, apparently have been unsuccessful!

Now, based on some reports Kapil has inducted into his crew, three new (rather veteran comedians), and they’ve even shot an episode with them a short while ago!

With Navjot Singh Siddhu also figuring out to not to leave the show and be with Kapil at this time of turmoil, let’s hope this new team rocks and delivers more laughter than before!


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