MS Dhoni The Untold Story but Many things still remain Untold

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'MS Dhoni-The untold Story

*Thoda Sa batting doge kya*

From Goal Keeper to Wicket Keeper, from Ticket Collector to Trophy Collector and from Cricketer to most successful Indian captain.

The journey of Dhoni is truly inspirational. The passion for making it BIG in life was in him since his childhood. His life was full of hurdles, but he never gave up. He rose, every time he fell. The person we know but the struggle behind it, we don’t.

'MS Dhoni-The untold Story

The film showed how a small town boy with great talent needs to suffer. The only talent is not enough. You need to decide what you want in your life. You have to take some risks also. you need to have full dedication towards your goal. Never rely on luck. Catch the right train at the right time in life.

Also, it was the passion for cricket of many people who made Dhoni what he is today and he acknowledges each and everyone till today.

Sushant Singh MS dhoni

Sushant Singh Rajput has acted brilliantly. Disha Patani (Priyanka) is very natural and has a wonderful screen presence. Anupam Kher, Bhumika Chawla, and other supporting actors have acted very well. Kiara Advani (Sakshi) acting is just ok.

Also, sorry to say but the story of Dhoni and Sakshi showed in the movie is the only boring part of this film. You want it to get over as soon as it starts, but it is unnecessarily stretched. The climax of the movie is full of emotions.

Sushant singh and MS dhoni

The movie has avoided controversies. Many things still remain untold.

Overall, it’s not a movie, its a life changing experience. It moves us, enlightens us and leaves us with a rush of emotions. A must watch. Go for it.

ms dhoni the untold story

90% credit goes to dhoni for making himself what he is today. But I must say his family,friends , coaches also contribute 10%. Without this 10%, that 90 % could have been lost somewhere and we could not have got our CAPTAIN COOL MAHENDRASINH DHONI.


After knowing his journey even haters gonna start respecting him!


Neeraj Pandey has done an amazing job in past he creates some magical moments in all his movies like A Wednesday, Baby, Special 26 and now this one.

Neeraj Pandey director MS Dhoni the untold story

Hard work and talent overflow from Sushant.

A brilliant , inspirational and perfect entertainment that would surely give you goosebumps.

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