Movies with the most number of sex scenes

That’s a crazy Topic! But here we go, I have a couple of examples on top of my head.

1Room in Rome (2010)

The movie concerns the seduction of a straight Russian woman, who is very beautiful, athletic and successful, by a less attractive Spanish lesbian woman, who appears to be smart and willing to explore the not only the body , but also what lies in the head of the former woman. It basically consists of very very long sex scene which starts a bit after the beginning of the movie and continues on and on with many breaks for “philosophical” thinking.

2Blue Is the Warmest Color

1/3 of this movie contains sexual scenes of all kind, it is basically the main topic of the movie to present how a teenage girl is introduced to lesbian sex by an older woman. The amount of nudity and sex compared to the seriousness of movie is extremely big and can easily put this movie on one of the sexual movies that people of any age and especially older people have ever watched.


Actually, I watched the movie thinking it as an erotic one . I am not usually surprised but this movie changed my mindset of what an erotic movie is . It has close ups , steamy scenes and what not . It is as close as you can get to pornographic filming in main Stream Cinema.

4Basic Instinct

Well this one has to be on the list . It had quite a few scenes and movie did gain popularity more because of scenes in there rather then the mystery in the movie . And the best part of movie “Sharon Stone “ herself .

Basic Instinct 2 (2006) : Sequel was good too but I have always liked the Original one .

5Lie with Me (2005)

Watch it to know it . The movie had a better story line too . I liked it better then any of the Nymphomaniac parts .


This is another French movie with lots of explicit scenes of all types. This movie also released in US after editing explicit content.


A near pornographic movie with heavy dose sex and full frontal nude scenes.

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