Meet the man who solved the water problem of village by building 75 lac Ltr Hawk

alam singh kandari dehradun
Alam singh Kandari

Usually, we put the blame of dislikes on the government and weigh-off our responsibilities. But some people show the mirror to the government as well as inspire the society with their work.

Meet 65-year-old Alam Singh Kandari, the resident of Nagal Hatnala village of Dehradun. Kandari has been engaged in the campaign for water harvesting for years and his campaign is now benefiting the people of the village and his family.

Reserving water in the 75 lac liter capacity, Kandari is using it for running water mill, electricity generation and, ish farming. he is also getting an economic advantage from it.

Alam Singh Kandari points out that when the village did not have drinking water about 42 years ago. Then people went far away and brought water. There was a lot of struggle for water. Seeing the problem of water, he constructed a hawk on his farm to solve it. He said that many water bodies were present in the vicinity of the village about 1.5 km away and he connected to the source through the pipeline to the hawk.

For this work, he put his saving. Kandari said that during that time his family had to deal with financial difficulties but they always supported them. He told that at that time the villagers did not support him in his campaign but now everyone appreciates his efforts.

With this campaign of water conservation, the problem of water solved, as well as he is also getting economics benefits. Kandari says that due to adequate water in the hawk, he is also producing vegetable in the fields, as well as the work of grinding flour and spices is also benefiting him.

In the summer, when drinking water in the village is reduced, he also helps the villagers by providing water.


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