Meet the girl who left her job for the happiness of the stray animals

She is 32 years old and is worthy of any good job but she decided to give her time for social welfare. She has started her own Animal Shelter in which stray animals are kept very lovingly and cared for them. She is the founder of Animal Welfare Trust Ekamra-AWTE-Odisha. Adoption camps are also organized from time to time to adopt stray animals. Not only this, sick animals are also treated.

In today’s time, when the main purpose of all the youth is to settle for a job, the same ‘Purabi’ dedicates the purpose of his life to stray and destitute animals.

People like her ar real-life Angels. I don’t understand where do people like her come from. Her each and every rescue case is so special and emotional. She is Purabi Patra from Bhubaneswar.

Surely, you too will be very happy and overwhelmed after reading and seeing her.

source: Quora


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