5 Low Cost Market for Fashion Freaks in Mumbai

Mumbai is a definite buyers delight. There are lots of designer outlets and shopping malls but there are actually several marketplaces also that make buying all the most interesting. With fantastic bargaining tactics and the tiny bit of exploration, shopping in Mumbai is a thing everybody would enjoy! Listed below is a lot of the local areas street shopping in Mumbai where you could get the best at the lowest cost.

Hill Road


The Hill Road is a shopper’s delight located in Bandra. The area is very vibrant and lively with moving sellers to footpaths covered with retailers offering the best stuff. Hill Road dons a unique avatar entirely during the year-end and that is certainly the time when it is actually more appropriate to go to the place to shop.

Fashion street

10 Street Shopping Points for Fashion Freaks in Mumbai

The name states all! A whole stretch of the street committed to up the bet of your style. With roughly 150 -175 stalls present on the road selling clothes, footwear accessories at dirt cheap rates it draws youngsters and college going students in plenty.

Linking Road

10 Street Shopping Points for Fashion Freaks in Mumbai

Bandra is a shopping center! Linking Road in Bandra lives up to its billing. From most recent clothes, shoes, and accessories, Linking Road has it all. Bargaining is widespread and appropriately so, but you could be sure to obtain the trends style at throwaway rates at Linking Road.

Colaba Causeway

10 Street Shopping Points for Fashion Freaks in Mumbai

Shopping at Colaba Causeway is like going to a carnival. There is not the one thing that an individual will not locate here. Handcraft, publications, outfits, footwear, jewelry; take your pick and Colaba Causeway has it.

Crawford Market

10 Street Shopping Points for Fashion Freaks in Mumbai

An old-style marketplace located in a historical building from the colonial times. Crawford market is appropriate in case an individual desire to experience the regional shopping quality. The area specializes in a low cost of items such as fresh fruits, veggies, and spices. Another feature of Crawford market is its segment that is devoted to pets of various sizes and breeds!


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