Kissing pets could cause Cancer

kissAccording to scientific studies, dogs and cats carry a bacterium, which could cause serious health consequences.

If you are one of the people who kiss your furry friend, this information interests you. A study by Kitasato University in Japan found that pets carry a bacterium that, when in contact with human fluids, increases the risk of developing stomach cancer.

Professor Masahiko Nakamura, in charge of the investigation, revealed that the pathogen Helicobacter Heilmannii is found in saliva, fecal waste and the oral area of pets, so it is recommended to avoid unnecessary approaches with animals.

Risk activities identified by the researcher are:

  • Being licked or kissed by an animal.
  • Use a kitchen utensil that was previously in contact with the pet.
  • Kiss the pet near the mouth.
  • Kiss someone infected with the bacteria.
  • Discard animal excrement without gloves.

The expert’s recommendation is to disinfect the hands after throwing away the animal waste, as well as to clean their saliva from the furniture, in this way the propagation of the bacteria will be avoided.

Have you kissed your pet lately? Share your opinion with us!


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