Kashmir defeated Mahmud Ghaznavi twice – Let’s remember,the ancestors

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The cruelty which killed millions of people in the world, Mahmud Ghajnavi was one of them too! This cruel invasion demonstrated inhumanity in many areas of India, but the land of Kashmir under the leadership of Hindu Kings has defeated his ferocious attack not once but twice! The defeat was so horrible that the third time he could not see the dream of going to Kashmir!

Kashmir defeated Mahmud Ghaznavi twice - Let's remember,the ancestors

It is a historical fact that Mahmood Ghajnavi could not tolerate the sword of Kashmiri soldiers and could not fulfill the desire to win Kashmir throughout life! This bravery of Kashmir was written on the pages of history during the reign of Maharaja Sangramraj! This brave king ruled the Kashmir region from 1003 AD to 1028 AD! The last invasion of Mahmood Ghajnavi occurred in India in 1021 AD!

Understanding the severity of Mahmud Ghazni’s assassination of cheating, firing, destruction of places, rape etc., he ordered to keep complete watch on the borders of Kashmir!

People from border areas were specially trained so that they can face every situation with complete alertness!

Mahmood Ghajnavi attacked many Indian borders, he attacked many cities of India! After conquering the Kangra fort, his vulture came near the free state of Kashmir! He invaded Kashmir in 1015 CE with the intention of conquering this state too!

The information of Mahmud’s attack was increased in the border areas, due to the vigilance and the activities of the detectives immediately reached the king! Kashmir’s army headed under the leadership of an accomplished commander Tung! The kingdom of Trilochanpal was on the Kabul state with the state of Kashmir! King Trilochanpal himself also came in the field of Tausi with the army!

Mahmud’s army was surrounded by soldiers from both sides of the mountains! In spite of all the deceit, cunning conspiracy and ambush rebounds, Mahmud had been adopting it in earlier battles from now, all of them were left behind! Surrounded the escape to find a way to find the way!

The equation of Kashmir and Kabul was that the enemy was shown stars in the day! Tausi war zone of Kashmir became witness to the defense of freedom struggle and self-respect and our soldiers slaughtered the dead bodies in the war zone by killing thousands of enemies!

Mehmood was captured on the fort of Lohkot! Army of Sangram Raj broke the fort and entered the fort! Mahmud was very scared to see Indian soldiers entering the fort! So he hid in a safe place! Mahmud Ghajnavi could somehow succeed in escaping his life! In the Cambridge History of India, this war has been described as a very interesting one-

Mahmood’s first and biggest defeat in India! His army forgot the path on unfamiliar mountain routes and the way back to it was stopped by flood water! But after the massive loss of life, the army managed to reach Ghazni in the field.

With this defeat in Kashmir, Mahmood came to know that how much India is dedicated to protecting its self-respect and freedom, and the independence of India can not be destroyed by controlling any area. To rule over India, one has to compete with many powers. Mehmood thought seriously about India for the first time! He was disturbed by humiliation and retaliation, so he decided to try again once again! He forgot his resolve to attack India every year and after six years, in 1021, he again attacked Kashmir! Every year the invading attacker returned the courage to attack Kashmir in six years! It is clear that Tondi’s war zone was long remembered! Even in 1021 CE, Mahmud stayed on the ironclot!

He forgot his resolve to attack India every year and after six years, in 1021, he again attacked Kashmir! Every year the invading attacker returned the courage to attack Kashmir in six years! It is clear that Tausi’s war zone was long remembered! Even in 1021 CE, Mahmud stayed on the Lohaghat!

As soon as Trilochanpal realized Mahmud’s invasion, he started a campaign to repeal it immediately! Maharaja Sangram Raj sent his army to help Trilochan Pal! Mahmood was reminded of his previous defeat! He kept on keeping his feet in the Kashmir Valley of India with the help of the previous wounds, that the unexpected hit started again! He started to experience the previous experience within! This time the situation had become the same, from both sides were surrounded by the freedom fighter army of Trilochan Pal and Maharaja Sangramraj!

To save his life Mahmud Ghajnavi had to be turned away from Kashmir to Ghazni.

Blessed is Trilochanpal, Blessed is the King of Sangram and blessed is the heroic army of his army, who defeated Ghazni not one but twice! In the history of India, all these soldiers will be named forever!

In the context of the above description it is necessary to understand that the Hindu ancestors of today’s Hurriyat leaders, who have been operating anti-India anti-violent jihad in the Kashmir Valley by forming an aggressive group of attacking robbers, have dug foreign invaders for many centuries, but as a result of the strong conversion, for a long time their nationalism has vanished!

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