Step by Step Pre-booking process of Free JIO Phone

Pre-booking of JIO Phone will begin on Thursday (24th of August) at five o’clock in the evening. This phone was announced at Reliance Industries’ AGM on July 21. This phone will be free for customers, in a way. However, once the customers have to deposit Rs.1500 in the form of a security deposit. This amount will be refundable. JIO Phone is made in India only.

Free Jio Phone

After pre-booking, the phone will be given on the basis of ‘first come first serve’. This phone has a lot of features.

JIO PHONE features are as follows:

  • Voice calling will always be free in the live phone.
  • In this phone, the data package will be found at affordable prices. On the JIO phone, you will get unlimited data from JIO.
  • JIO will provide free voice and unlimited data for Rs 153 every month. This rate is significantly lower than current rates.
  • JIO Phone users will also have the option of two sache recharge. Under this, free calling and unlimited data will be available for Rs. 53 for one week and Rs. 23 for two days.
  • JIO messaging, entertainment such as entertainment will be preloaded on the phone. Apart from these, JIO TV will also be available. In this, more than 400 channels of multiple languages can be viewed live. Movies, serials, and songs from different languages can be enjoyed in the same JIO Music and JIO Cinema.

How to do Pre-booking of JIO Phone

Booking can be done both online and offline for JIO phones. In offline mode, the booking will be done from JIO Retailers and Reliance Digital Stores. On the other hand, online mode can be booked from Myjio App and (

What will be the pre booking amount of JIO Phone

Prior booking can be done by paying 500 rupees. This amount will be added to the Security Deposit at the time of delivery of the phone. That is why only Rs 1000 will be given later. 1000 rupees will be delivered at the time of delivery of the phone. JIO phone user can withdraw the security deposit by returning the phone after 36 months.


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