India’s peculiar religious practices against which voices have been raised

In the 21st century, there are many religious practices in India that people try to get rid of. Those strange religious practices against which the voice raised in the country are:


Female Circumcision

There is also the practice of circumcision of women in Shia Muslims. For whom women have been protesting for quite a while, men of the society are constantly suppressing their voice. In such a way, Maasuma Ranalvi of the Bohra community has written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop this practice. She has demanded that girls should get rid of the circumcision practice. Under this practice, a 7-year-old baby is circumcised. In which a midwife or local doctor cuts off part of his private part. The child who is suffering from pain does not know what crime she is getting.

Teen Talaq:

teen talaq supreme court verdict

So far, three divorces were going on in the Muslim community. Under this tradition prevailing for 1400 years, women had a lot of trouble because their husband left the divorce three times when he wanted to talk to them. Against which the women raised a loud voice at large. In such a case, the Supreme Court has ruled out the conduct of three divorces, ie Divorce-e-Biddat, as unconstitutional, while declaring the historic judgment. The court has given a decision with the majority of three-two.


Nikaah Halala

There has also been voices in opposition to the tradition and polygamy customs. Both these practices have reached the Supreme Court, with the three divorced customs. However, the court’s decision has not come at these two. Under the halala practice divorced Muslim woman can not marry her husband again unless she has not spent a night with a stranger. During this time, women have a lot of trouble. At the same time, in polygamy, a man gets married more than one while living wife.



There is also a religious practice in Tamil Nadu, Jallikattu. This is a traditional game here. This game is organized at a large scale on the occasion of Tamil New Year Pongal. Many people try to control a bull in it. The more difficult it is in animals, the same happens to humans as well. People have died in this. In such a situation, people raised the voice against the game and demanded to shut it down. People have approached the Supreme Court on this issue.

The tradition of Sati:

The tradition of Sati

In India, the practice of Sati was during the British period. Under this practice, after the death of her husband, the living wife was also burned with the body of her husband. At the same time, women who did not do this had to face tremendous harassment in the society. In this way, Raja Rammohan Roy raised the initiative against this religious practice. Whom he had to face a lot of opposition. However, he did not step back. They used to make movement on a large scale to stop this practice. Later they succeeded and Kurti ended up with society.


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