India’s first transgender news anchor, Padmini Prakash is taking steps for social welfare

padmani prakash indias first news anchor

The Tamil Nadu-born Padmini Prakash (India’s first transgender news anchor, Lotus TV) changed her fortunes totally in 2014. Padmini has created history by becoming the first transgender news anchor in the country by anchoring the news on the Lotus News Channel at 7 p.m. Because of society’s inferiority to transgender people, She has been subjected to many persecutions since childhood. When Padmini thought of putting an end to his life, she was saved and gave a new life. Not only did Padmini adopt herself, but she also set an example in front of the world.

padmani prakash indias first news anchor

In seeing and speaking since childhood Padmini was quite different from the rest of the kids. When the family members learned that she is a transgender, many limits were imposed. The members of the family were not permitted to send her to school, play with other children and meet people outside because of their fear of society. Padmini felt ashamed after seeing his family’s behavior and even tried to commit suicide after leaving home. Around age 13 her friends ‘ family took responsibility for her after a failed suicide attempt.

Padmini Prakash became a woman by operation, adopted a child

After escaping from the suicide, Padmini got a different desire to live life, but troubles and ravages continued to come before her. Due to financial constraints, she could not complete her graduation. In the year 2004, she made herself a full-fledged woman. This year, she was married to old friend Nagraj Prakash, later both adopted a son and completed their family.

Padmini is a trend classical dancer, she has trained many people in Bharatanatyam. Apart from working as an actress in some Tamil TV serials, Padmini has also become Miss Transgender Tamil Nadu and Miss Transgender India 2009 in the year 2007.

In 2014, when the Supreme Court recognized transgenders as the third gender, transgenders began to get work.  o host the 7 pm show on the Lotus News Channel in Coimbatore a transgender was required. For this job Padmini, who wandered from rate to rate in search of a job, applied.

At first, he wondered if the world would embrace her voice and his life or not, however after two months of training, Padmini became an expert anchor, putting all fears behind. Padmini first read the news on the teleprompter in 2014, on Independence Day, the day after which she became the country’s first transgender anchor.

Received honor after job, still fighting with society

The passion of Padmini had encouraged many people like her to do the work. People very much appreciate his move Today people recognize her everywhere she goes and ask her for an autograph which makes Padmini feel really happy and honored. Because of her experience being rejected by society, Padmini is now working to help people like her. Despite the government’s third gender acknowledgment, he society’s vision about transgenders is quite different. In such a case, Padmini works to gain third-general people’s rights and increase their trust.


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