Braveheart ! Indian Female Rambo Rukhsana Kausar

Indian Female Rambo Rukhsana Kausar

We have all watched Rambo and think about it to be a product of imagination. But have you heard of the Indian Female Rambo Rukhsana Kausar.

In 2009, 18-year-old Rukhsana Kausar was spending time with her family in Jammu when Pakistani militants hurried into Kausar’s village. Four security guards posted up outdoors of her house, while three gunmen went in and beat Kausar’s mom and dad and uncle in front of her and her siblings. Fortunately for Kausar, her parents had packed her under a bed prior to they came in.

But after her mother and father fell to the ground in front of her, she found she could take no more. She got up and made the decision to take the matter into her own hands.
Killed the terrifying Lashkar armed commander Abu Osama snatching him by his hair, pinned him down with his own axe, killed him making use of his own AK-47.

She marked another as he fled, and began a pitched fight with the rest of the militants that held up for hours. One of the militants opened fire, injuring Waqalat Hussain in his arm. Other family members joined up with Rukhsana in fighting the militants. Rukhsana picked up the commander’s AK47 rifle, gathered another from the other militant, and tossed it to her brother. After seeing their commander smoked by a teenage girl, then attempting to take her out for half a day with only injuries on their side, the rest of the militants chose they’d rather not risk having made fun of quite so hard in hell, so they packed up and fled.
There were several instances when Rukhshana and her family members were targets of retaliatory attacks but they survived.

I had never touched a rifle before this, let alone fired one – but I had seen heroes firing in films -Rukshana.

She was awarded the “Kirti Chakra”,the second highest gallantry award during the peace time for her act of bravery.

Unfortunately, such stories are part of oblivion.

India is a land where we have always worshiped goddesses but females are always looked down and sometimes are victims of female foeticides, dowry, violence, and rape.

Yet the daughters of the nation always prove their mettle be it Rani Lakhsmi Bai, Mary Kom or Rukhshana.


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