This Indian Car Mechanic repaired a Helicopter in just Half an Hour

Car Mechanic repairs helicopter

Car Mechanic repairs helicopter

Indian JUGAD is now world famous thing and people often gets surprised by the technology behind these JUGADs. One such example came in Kolhapur, Maharashtra. A car mechanic has repaired helicopter to fly.

An interesting incident occurred at the bungalow of congress party leader DY Patil . A Helicopter landed with some guest at a helipad in his house. After the meeting, the guests was leaving, but the helicopter could not take off. The pilot said that due to the technical fault, Helicopter could not fly. The pilot called Helicopter company and they said that the engineer will take at least two hours to get there. Suddenly someone thought of a car mechanic Imtiaz Momin. Imtiaz was known for making a water car with his brother Feroz . His achievement was greatly appreciated.

Following the discussion a person sent to the garage of Imtiaz . At that time Feroz was working in the garage instead of Imtiaz. He laughed When he asked him to come and fix helicopter. Due to the absence of big brother Imtiaz, he was afraid to do this work. On the repeated requests, he walked towards the house of DY Patil . There stood a large helicopter. Feroze has never touched any helicopter before. However, he began to repair it after understanding basics from the pilot. In an attempt of Half an hour, the fan of the helicopter moves. The pilot took off the first test. Then the guests left.

The western city of Kolhapur in Maharashtra was once known due to the highest number of Mercedes cars. Many car mechanics who can fix expensive cars lived there

Via : Dainik Jagran


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