India will segregate Pakistan, said PM Modi, “India won’t forget Uri.”

Uri terror attack that took the lifes of 18 soldiers. On this in a public address PM Modi said that India will not let the soldiers’ lives go in vain and would do anything possible to segregate Pakistan internationally.
He said that only Pakistan is responsible for any terror attack that takes place anywhere in Asia. It is Pakistan who is responsible and guilty of exporting terrorism in all four directions. “Some leaders from the neighboring nation said they would fight against India for 1000 years. Where are they today?” he said, in a reference to a claim made once by former Pakistan PMs Zulfikar Ali Bhutto and Benazir Bhutto. Both the Pakistani leaders were killed, the former hanged by the Pakistan government and the latter was assassinated. He directly addressed the people of Pakistan and said “People of Pakistan ask your leaders why you have Pakistan-occupied Kashmir, East Bengal, Gilgit and Baluchistan and are unable to handle them”. He also said that they should question their leaders and ask them the reasons for causing unrest in the Kashmir valley instead of handling the terrorism that prevails in their own country.


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