India spurns to attend the SAARC meet to be held in Islamabad, Pakistan

PM narendra modi pulls out of #SAARC meet in Islamabad

 PM narendra modi pulls out of #SAARC meet in Islamabad

India to teach another lesson to Pakistan by not attending the SAARC meet, boycotting Pakistan completely after the Uri attacks. The decision is final and is soon to be made official.

India’s neighbours Bangladesh, Bhutan and Afganistan have also decided to do the same. They won’t be attending the meet. After the Uri attacks Modi Government is doing everything possible to segregate Pakistan. India has a support of 3 nations and now Pakistan only has Nepal, Srilanka, and Maldives to go to. This is the third step taken by India against Pakistan which includes ‘Indus Water Treaty’ and removing Pakistan from ‘Most Favoured Nation’s’ status.

These moves by the Modi Government clearly shows the rising hatred for Pakistan.  Pakistan’s Government is really taken aback and says if India ends the Indus Water Treaty, China would stop Brahmaputra’s water from flowing into India. Pakistan’s government looks nervous and it should be.


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