How’s the Josh? High Sir. How’s the Jaish? Destroyed Sir.

India had already made it clear that the Pakistan Terrorist launch pad will not be left out and India has proved it with its action. India bombarded Terrorist launch pad in Pakistan occupied Kashmir early hours today. The Air Force has responded to Pakistan by 1000 kg of payloads on the terrorist launch pads located in POK with 12 Mirage 2000 aircraft.

Masood Azhar’s brother in law was eliminated along with several Jaish-e- Mohammad cadres. IAF struck three terror camps divided into 6 targets. Each was individually bombed.

This is best tribute to the soldiers who lost their lives in Pulwama terrorist attack.

Indian intelligence agencies were aware of the 13 launch pad of terrorists in Pakistan. Indian Army has destroyed the launch pad of the Balakot area. India’s Security Agency had already had news of Pakistan’s 13 installations. From where the Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist organization was operating.

Indian Air Force aircraft bombarded Balakot and Muzzafarabad fiercely. After the bombing, the news is coming out that many of the Jaish e Mohammad camps have been destroyed. Indian Air Force carried out this Air Strike at around 3 AM in the morning. JeM’s control room Alpha-3 was completely destroyed in this Air Strike.

After the Air strikes, there has been a stir in Pakistan, and an emergency meeting has been called by Islamabad’s Foreign Ministry. Pakistan has confirmed this attack even though it is hiding the loss figure, it is believed that between 200 and 300 terrorists were killed by this attack.



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