The gift of Kidneys on this Eid, a unique example of Hindu-Muslim unity

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On this epic day of EID where millions of people are praying for health and comfort, there has been an activity which is in itself has become a great example. This happened in Rajasthan which gave mankind a gift on this occasion.


This is a story of two couples of the different religion. By coming up all the walls of religions two men; a Hindu and a Muslim donated their kidneys to each other’s wives which have saved their life.


After this sacrifice both men said that every blood has red color and their practice has saved two lives and nothing is important than that. Both the female patients (Anita mehra) and (Ajmeri) were admitted to a same private hospital.

After the failure of the kidneys of both the feminines, they were on dialysis. Anita’s blood group was found B+ whereas Ajmeri’s was having A+ blood group. Coincidentally, the blood group of their husbands got matched with the females of other religion. And after that both the males decided to help each other by donating their kidneys. Doctors present there were proud of this action of both the men’s. And with this, the Ganga-Jamuni tradition has come ahead shining like a nova.

Written by : Gurpreet Saini

Via original inputs from ABP LIVE

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