Google honored the first Indian female doctor of British Era, Dr. Rukhmabai Raut

Google honored the first Indian female doctor of British Era, Dr. Rukhmabai RautIf you see Google today, you will see a picture of a woman in a sari who is also putting a stethoscope. Behind the woman in the picture, you will also look after some nurses in a hospital to look after the patients. This woman is none other than Dr. Rukhmabai Raut, also known as Rukhmabai Raut. Today is the 153rd Birthday of Rukhmabai Raut. On this occasion, Google has dedicated a special doodle to her. Rukhmabai Raut was one of the earliest practicing doctors of British India, during that time when rights for women, especially Indian women were rarely given in some way.

Rukhmabai Raut was born in Mumbai on November 22, 1864. He was married to ‘Dadaji Bhikaji’ (19), at the age of 11. Child marriages were common among Indians at that time.

Though she was allowed to complete her education her grandfather, Dadaji Bhikaji Raut, gradually forced her to live with him. In March 1884, Dada filed a petition in Bombay High Court to restore the marital rights to his wife, whose decision came in the right hand of Dadaji, the court said that either he will have to obey the court’s decision or he will have to go to jail. Rukmabai told the British government that instead of being entangled in her marital relationship with her husband, she would prefer to stay in jail.

After the long battle of 68 years, the Hindu Marriage Act passed, according to which the consent of both husband and wife is necessary for marital relations. Popularly Known as the Hindu lady, Dr. Rukhmabai Raut wrote many letters in the newspapers, for which she received a lot of support. When she expressed her desire to study, the fund was raised in support of her, so she got an opportunity to study in the London School of Medicine in England. After completing her studies, she returned to India and worked for a number of years in a women’s hospital in Rajkot. She died on September 25, 1991.

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