Future Indians will miss these 20 cultures

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I am proud to be an Indian but as an Indian, I can see that people are neglecting some things and that is “Our Culture”.

In my view following Indian cultures may die  soon, dwindling though not dying:

The Importance of Wearing the Bindi

  1. Children enjoying the delicious mom-made food. ( As the last generation of cooking moms have not transferred their knowledge to either their sons or daughters).
  2. Family gatherings have reduced because people actually became anti-social after use of social media. Even when they meet, most of the time half of them are busy with their phones.
  3. The risk-averse behavior of the middle-class masses. Middle classes are slowly becoming motivated to open up entrepreneurial ventures.
  4. Kids having a knowledge about their mother-tongue. (Apparently English is so cool)
  5. The boon and bane- being a part of sibling rivalry. MOOCs are here and they are here to stay. (MOOCs- Massive Online Open Courses)
  6. Kolam (Tamil-கோலம்) is a form of drawing, often using naturally/synthetically colored powders. In South India, it is widely practised by female Hindu family members in front of their houses.
  7. The practice of preparing Faral (Diwali snacks) With increasing number of working women in the country and commercialization of faral items, this is one part of the Indian culture that may not last for a long time.
  8. The culture of practicing Pooja (Worshipping to God) during traditional Hindu wedding ceremony.
  9. Hindu Temple Music: The main instrument that is used in south Indian Hindu temples is the nadaswaram. The nadaswaram and the thavil were played together in South Indian temples to create a periya melam ensemble.
  10. Wearing flowers on hair: The language of flowers is quite ancient. Every culture in India has attached a different meaning to the flowers..In ancient India, flowers were also worn as ornaments.
  11. Bride and bridegroom used to listen and recite to mantras dictated by poojari/archaka → Now rarely bride and bridegroom are listening to them. And they are so busy in getting ready, clicking photos, videos.
  12. Wearing bangles/bindi/sindoor/toe rings/mangal sutra
  13. Mostly in cities we barely see a married woman wearing these things. Most of them are following foreign culture and we see them wearing only in some occasions like festivals, marriages, visit parents and in-laws places.
  14. Traditional/Folk dance
  15. Rarely we see people who are learning/learned traditional dance. Replaced most of the Indian state dances with hip-hop, belly, disco, salsa styles
  16. Cooking food in earthen pots.
  17. Joint family system, Something unique about India is that we value relationships and we are taught to respect elders right from our childhood.
  18. Our festivals are losing their religious touch.
  19. Celebrating the Indian festivals with the family will be the rare thing in the coming time. People are getting excuses of not having time and busy schedule. I am afraid only major festivals like Diwali, Durga Puja etc. will survive.
  20. Touching the feet of your elders to seek their blessings.

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