Family of Kulbhushan Jadhav, reached the Indian High Commission, got permission of 30 minutes meeting

Former Indian Navy officer who was locked in a Pakistani jail for espionage, Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother and wife has reached the High Commission to meet him and has been given 30 minutes to meet Jadhav. Prior to this visit, India had placed three conditions before Pakistan, which had been accepted by Pakistan and only after that India gave a green signal to this visit. At the same time Pakistan’s official Dr. Mohammed Faizal said that Pak has given permission to meet Jadhav’s mother and wife on humanitarian grounds, because today is Muhammad Jinnah’s birthday.

Kulbhushan Jadhav Family in Pakistan

Read ten things related to Kulbhushan Jadhav case

  1. India has already secured a Sovereign Guarantee from Pakistan, under which India had specifically laid down the condition that if Kulbhushan’s family is in Pakistan, then no attempt will be made to inquire anything from either the mother or the wife.
  2. The second condition will be Pakistan’s guarantee of full security until they remain on Pakistan’s land.
  3. Thirdly, an Indian High Commission official will always be with the family. Even when the family will be meeting Kulbhushan Jadhav. According to information provided by Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry Spokesperson, Indian Deputy High Commissioner JP Singh will be present along with Kulbhushan’s family in Islamabad.
  4. Pakistan had requested India, that the family’s conversations should be routed to the media. But India has not allowed this.
  5. Pakistan had given 3 days visas to the family but the family would be on Pakistan’s land for only 1 day. Earlier it was reported that on 24th day the family will cross the border between Wagah, on 25 family will have a meeting with Jadhav in Islamabad and on 26 they will return back to India.
  6. According to the information provided to Pakistan by the Foreign Ministry on behalf of India, the family will come to Pakistan from the commercial flight on December 25 and will return on the same day after meeting Kulabhushan.
  7. Pakistan prosecuted Kulbhushan Jadhav, accused of spreading terrorism and conspiring against the country. On the basis of unilateral hearings and forcible confession, Pakistan convicted him and then pronounced the sentence of hanging. Meanwhile, India sought permission to meet Kulbhushan twenty times, but Pakistan rejected India’s demand for counselor access every time.
  8. India has cleared that Kulbhushan is an Indian citizen but not currently serving in Navy but has retired. It was in connection with the business in Iran where he was abducted and taken to Pakistan and then he was implicated in a false case.
  9. Even before Kulbhushan was hanged in Pakistan, India raised this issue before international court. The international court immediately imposed a ban on hanging. The matter is still under consideration, the hearing will be forward but the decision was seen as a major setback for Pakistan.
  10. India has been constantly demanding that Kulbhushan’s mother be given a visa so that she can go there and meet Kulbhushan. Can know their situation and move on to the court battle without Kulbhushan. But Pakistan did not do it earlier. In order to save his face in the world after the international court verdict, Pakistan has proposed a visa on Kulhushan’s wife on a humanitarian basis. But India said that along with his wife, the mother also needs a visa. Then Pakistan decided to give both the visas.


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