In Every Indian Wedding !


Ah, Indian weddings! They are big, fat, colorful and every bit spectacular. While the bride and her groom steal most of the spotlight, the extravagant setting, glitz and opulence is taken a notch higher by the wedding guests. But still there are still some guest who are found at every Indian wedding. Some of them are :


  • Let’s take a selfie ( The selfie edict ) – Seen posing and pouting in every corner, yes, that’s the self-obsessed selfie addict. Usually completely oblivious to everything else, all these fellas require are their phone, some nice lighting, and a colourful shamiyana, and they are good to go. Probably will take a break for food, so that is a good time to catch up with them!


Just for the food – What does the wedding venue look like? How is the newly-wed couple dressed? Well, this guest does not care! Found in abundance at Indian weddings, for them fretfulness only revolves around the buffet. Right from the paneer kebabs for starters, to the chaat, the main course, and the dessert – they will forever be seen with a plate, walking around!


The Over-Indulger  – A wedding list usually consists of close-knit connections but the over indulger tends to go a bit too over-board. Poking their nose is a common trait but thankfully this one has got your back through the wedding anxiety.


The Judgmental Aunty – Call her the stalker or the wedding advisor; she fits perfectly in every role. The judgmental aunties form a pack and roam around preying on girls and boys alike inquiring about their marriage plans. They are aware of all gossip regarding near relatives, and distance family and it’s usually quite right. So beware of these aunties unless you want to join them!


  • The over excited Uncle – Let’s just say he likes his drinks, more than he likes making merry with the other guests! You may find him around the bar mostly, he might suggest it’s because he is getting everyone their favourite, but we know why he is really there. And if there was any doubt, you should check his moves out on the dance floor later!


The Just Discovered Cousin – Had this one ever crossed you on the street, recognizing him/her would probably be an impossible task. Sweet enough to have made it to your wedding, this cousin can prove to be much more fun than you expected. Well obviously if he/she is not a grumpy mommy’s baby.

just met

The Un-invited High School Friend – The only conversation you ever had with this uninvited high school friend did not extend a ‘Hi, what’s up’ but he/she is a part of your wedding as your long-lost BFF. With an intention to camouflage in the school group, seeing such guests can be surprisingly pleasant.



No matter how complex Indian weddings might be still they are one of the best occasion to be a part of.



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