Dinesh Sharma, Rahul Gandhi’s biggest “BHAKT”, Don’t you know him?

Dinesh Sharma, Rahul Gandhi's biggest "BHAKT", Don't you know him?These days Rahul’s style is quite different during the Gujarat campaign, and his passion has been quite prominent in the people as the most popular leader. In the course of this Gujarat elections, Rahul is getting a lot of welcome and the people of Gujarat are being seen together. In addition, Rahul’s popularity and a number of admirers are also increasing day by day. At the same time, Rahul Gandhi’s popularity has also increased manifold on social media.

These days, Rahul’s popularity and craze are far ahead of Narendra Modi.

You must have seen Sudhir waving a tricolor for Sachin Tendulkar in the cricket field, To whom people know as a devotee of Sachin. As long as Sachin played, Sudhir used to appear to cheer Sachin Tendulkar in almost every match of the stadium. Same is Dinesh Sharma of Hisar from Haryana.

Since Narendra Modi has become the Prime Minister since then, the word ‘devotee/Bhakt’ is seen in the political discussion, connecting Modi’s fans or supporters. But Dinesh Sharma, Bhakt/Devotee of the Congress party’s vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, is breaking this myth.

Dinesh Sharma also has a tricolor flag in the hands of the Congress Party, and his God is Vice President of Congress Party Rahul Gandhi. Nowadays, in Rahul Gandhi’s programs in Gujarat, the slogan of “Rahul you go ahead we are with you” is strengthening.

Dinesh Sharma explains that he has been doing the same for the last seven years.  Dinesh said that he does all this for his own wish because he has a lot of love for Rahul Gandhi and he wants to see him as the Prime Minister of the nation.

According to Dinesh, he has studied advocacy. They find every major program of Rahul Gandhi and reach there. According to Dinesh, Rahul Gandhi knows him personally. This thing does not even bother as he is a familiar face in Rahul’s programs.

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