Does Dicaprio Suffer From Heart Problems?

The always energetic Leo
The always energetic Leo

Leonardo DiCaprio has been seen strolling quietly through the streets of New York …And he has quickly set off the alarms. In a photo taken by a paparazzi, the actor appears to carry a heart rate monitor attached to his chest. The truth is that in the snapshot it is not clear what kind of device it is exactly, but it seems that Leo could have heart problems.

The photo, published by TMZ, shows the actor walking through the East Village in a gray T-shirt, under which he senses a suction cup connected to the left side of his chest.  And although it does not seem to give importance, is not the first time you see DiCaprio with a similar device.

At the moment, no information has been made public regarding Leo’s possible health problems, but it appears that the actor may be following a treatment for some type of arrhythmia or other heart problem. Is the protagonist of ‘Reborn’ hiding something much worse than it seems? Hopefully not.


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