A Coolie at Bhatinda Railway Station with a B.Tech Degree, Yes an Engineer !

Coolie with B.Tech Degree

“My dad is a peon in the irrigation department. I have four sisters and two brothers. After three-year engineering studies, I have not found a job. However, in order to support my family, I became Coolie.” Mon Lal Said. Who after studying B.tech works as a coolie at Bhatinda Railway Station.

Coolie with B.Tech Degree

The country has so many such students who are wandering day and night in search of employment. Mon Lal is no exception to this country.

After completing his engineering degree, he starts looking for Job, However, He could not succeed. Recognizing the responsibilities of home and to help his dad he became Coolie. When reporters came to know about him. They published his news on newspapers. After reading about him VC of one private college offered him Job.

He was preparing for a job in Railways Group D, but his destiny gave him the Job he deserved.

Today, many youngsters, despite having the best education are willing to do any work due to the lack of jobs.

Perhaps the level of education in the country has changed but are we still behind to provide the Jobs as per the education standards ? 


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