Colonel arrested from Shimla for rape of daughter of Lieutenant Colonel

Colonel arrested from Shimla for rape of daughter of Lieutenant ColonelOn the charge of rape of Lt Col’s daughter, Shimla Police has arrested an Army Colonel. It is being told that the colonel bluffed the girl for modeling and called her home and raped her.

According to the information, the accused of the rape is stationed in Colonel Army Training Command. This command is one of the 7 commands in the country where training of security forces is given.

Shimla’s SP said that Colonel’s arrest has been done after the girl’s medical examination. In this case, the case has been registered against another accused.

In the statement, the girl told the police that the accused had called her and her father in a theater of Shimla. Later he took them to dinner. Here the accused has bluffed the girl’s father for sending the girl to Mumbai so that she can do modeling.

The girl sent her picture to the colonel and came to Mumbai’s house to meet the accused. Here Colonel asked the girl to introduce her to many celebrities of Bollywood. That’s why he stayed at his house.

After this, the girl stayed at the colonel’s house. Here he raped the girl first and took her forcibly in the room. The victim said that the Colonel also threatened her that if she tells anyone about it then her father’s career will be devastated.

After reaching home, the girl told the father about this whole incident. On the complaint of the girl, Shimla police filed a case and after the medical examination, the accused Colonel was arrested.


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