Know, How to block annoying Google Chrome notifications

Has it ever happened that you enter a website and ask permission to send you notifications? If it bothers you, there is a very simple solution.

Block notifications in Google Chrome

Google Chrome is the most used Internet browser in the world, with a market share that exceeds 50% in almost all countries where it is present. He is also the owner and lord of Android phones and there is no need to downplay his role in iOS.

However, it is far from being a perfect browser: sometimes slow or because it requires many resources or because you spend the battery of laptops faster than your competition. And if this were not enough, lately some webs abuse a recent feature of the browser that allows you to send notifications to users, as long as they accept it.

Although on paper it sounds like an educated movement, in practice it is a nuisance because the warning appears as a window that must be closed denying permission to the web in question.

Fortunately, Google has not completely lost its head and allows you to disable these notifications, blocking by default all notifications requests. How do you do this? Very easy. Enough with:

  1. Paste chrome://settings/content/notifications into the browser bar
  2. Click on the “Ask before sending (Recommended)” option.

And that’s it! If sticking the address we suggest does not take you to the section, it is also possible to do this manually. Must:

  1. Go to Chrome> Settings> Advanced settings> Content settings> Notifications
  2. Click on the option mentioned above

It is true that some services have used these notifications of Chrome, such as YouTube or Gmail, but most pages have not understood well how they work and this solution can make life easier for users. Also, as Google spies everything we do in the browser, if you see that many people block these ads, maybe they do something to improve them.

And if there are notifications without which you can live, you can always make exceptions from this same section from which you have blocked them by default.

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